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Do you remember what that most recent birthday greeting you sent or received said or even looked like?

Gigeo® Founder at a Birthday Card Rack

My mother was the type of person that loved receiving greeting cards, from me or anyone for that matter. I think for her it meant that if you took the time to send a greeting card, it meant that you cared the most.

So like many people, I would go through the same routine, year after year of driving to a card shop, scanning through the racks of mundane, cookie cutter birthday greetings and then picking one out that sounded nice or funny. Now I’m not one to write personal messages in cards, so I just signed it as I did every time before.

love Anthony, xoxo

And if it brought a smile to her face, like it usually did, then mission accomplished. But I can tell you this. It always felt a little empty to me.

My mother battled cancer for about 7 years so a few years before she passed, I really wanted a birthday greeting that was different, one that was more personal, and one that actually meant something, not just for her, but for me too. So I went to a beach and made a happy birthday message in the sand out of some organic materials that I could find at the shoreline. After I was done I made a video of that happy birthday message.

I was with her when she got my email link to that birthday message in the sand video. The reaction from her this time was different, much different for her, as well as me. This time I could clearly see the authenticity of her smile and happiness of receiving my birthday greeting, and she didn’t even know till later that I physically made that message in the sand.

As the next year’s birthday approached, I was suddenly stuck because I couldn’t just fall back into the same routine from years prior. So, I searched the internet for people making entertainment type videos that I could get them to personalize for me.

The video below is that original happy birthday message in the sand and the next birthday greetings that I sent her.

Sadly, my mother is gone now and occasionally I find myself going back and watching those birthday videos again, and although it pulls at my heartstrings, it also makes me feel a bit warm because I am equally tied into those birthday greetings as much as she is.

Now I have sold everything I own in pursuit of changing an impersonal chore, a signature, and an attitude of “I need to send something” into a personalized birthday memory that lasts forever.

Let’s face it, for most of us who have ever sent or received a birthday greeting card, you would be hard pressed to remember what the most recent greeting card said or even what it looked like.


Personalized Birthday Greetings
Gigeo® Personalized Videos - Testimonials
Gigeo® Personalized Videos - Testimonials

Have you ever been in this situation?

Should I Buy A Gift?

When you can’t come up with a worthy gift.

Send a Gigeo®

A growing community of talented people in 15 countries.

This feel-good product and lifestyle brand is about people. The people who buy them, the people that produce them and the people that receive them. Every Gigeo® gets produced by individuals of all walks of life and are part of a growing community of people in 15 countries around the world.

Gigeo® is all about people!

Street Performers

Comedians and Actors

Professional Singers, Musicians and Dancers

Impersonators and Lookalikes

Circus – Acts and Artists

Bizarre, Strange and Oddity Characters

Puppets, Clowns, Magicians and Jugglers

Artsy People – Drawings, Sand Castles and Historical Location Shout-Outs

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Every time you buy a Gigeo®, you are making a measurable difference in the life of the person, entertainer, “starving artist” that produced your Gigeo®.

we will have a positive impact on the lives of entertainers
of all walks of life, on a global scale”

-anthony diprima, founder

The Founder

I spent nearly 9 years on a super cool lifestyle brand that never got traction for a number of reasons. All I can say is that it hurts every time I think about what it could have been. I’ve been lucky enough to get another opportunity.  I’ve sold everything, bought a van and now live on the road while I work on this Gigeo® startup. I am all in, committed and highly motivated.

Gigeo® Founder, Anthony DiPrima
Gigeo® Founder, Anthony DiPrima
Gigeo® Founder, Anthony DiPrima
Gigeo® Founder, Anthony DiPrima

I’m still a lone ranger but I have one or two co-founders I am focused to bring onboard.

Founder on the Road

I have been working tirelessly online, with branding, site development, marketing, social media and connecting with a wide variety of talented people. And offline as I travel to street performer hot spots around the country and personally meet many entertainers you can read about in my blog.

Gigeo® Founder, Anthony DiPrima in the streets.

Nearly every street performer I have communicated my vision with gets it right away. It’s really an empowering feeling to have their backing and support.

“Gigeo® is about people
and I’m going to get everyone in on it”
-anthony diprima, founder

Gigeo® is all about YOU!

ok, when possible, re-usable and recycled paper signs only please. -anthony diprima, founder

 Impact On The Environment

Did you know?

Over 7 Billion Greeting Cards a Year Are Sold in the USA

Gigeo® saves trees!

Placed End-to-End Can Circle the Earth 35 times!

We Give Back!

We are donating 5% of every Gigeo® sold to Animal causes and Children’s causes. You can help displaced animals find a home and help bring a smile to sick children while they are getting the care they need.

Gigeo® give back!
Gigeo® give back!

“I am committed to OUR word “gigeo” becoming a
children’s hospital’s bright spot.”
-anthony diprima, founder

A truly feel good lifestyle brand that includes everyone.

Gigeo® is the word.

http://WhoLovesYou.ME is the place.

Make it Personal, Make it Unforgettable, Make it Fun & Super Cool
Make a Difference!

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