Andy Clinton – “A Dad First, an Educator Second”

While searching out some talent for kids, I found Andy online where he does freelancing with his puppet characters. From the little I really know about Andy and what I could find out about him online, I can only say he is a passionate fun-loving man that takes pride in what he does. He is extremely easy to work with and has always helped whenever I asked.  The video above is the first Gigeo personalized birthday greeting “Felix The Phoenix” he made for me that I gave to my niece. She loved it.

About Andy Clinton

Andy has Scottish roots and is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He now lives in Montgomery, Alabama with his family. He is an all-around funny man who enjoys dressing up and performing for his loved ones.

Andy, the gentleman with a kid’s passion for fun.

Andy the Professor

Andy is very witty and has the type of wit that’s firmly rooted in intelligence and academe, which is you know, an excellent thing since he’s in academe.

Andy teaches at STJ. He is not your regular teacher who is out of touch with the world the students live in. He bonds with them well and is game for entering a haunted house manned by his students.

You will always find Andy in a positive mood, whether in his classes, walking around campus, or bumping into him. He has a great understanding of himself and of how everyone is connected that he pays great respect to everyone he encounters. Andy is one reasonable man.

He also likes to blog and write poetry when not teaching and performing.

Last Day of Summer

It’s here once again,
And it’s always a bummer.
The saddest day ever—
The last day of summer.
Goodbye pie at midnight
With video games,
Hello loud alarm clock
And learning new names.
So long, holey t-shirts
And mismatching shoes.
Hello tucked-and-buttoned
In sensible hues.
Farewell lying out in the
Hot summer sun.
Hello, pile of homework
I haven’t begun.
Oh, next summer’s fun
Is so far out of reach.
In just a few hours,
I have to go teach!

So if you want something witty, funny, and unique, that’s not done at the expense of others, then Andy is your man.

You may have a sneak peek at the kind of man Andy is on the links below:


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