Esalaah – Mr. Beat Box Man!

When I called Esalaah a couple years back, he broke out into some cartoon character voices and just cracked me up. He has always come through for me with the videos when a new order comes in. That may not seem like a big deal on the outside, but as founder, it means everything. The video above is what you can expect when you order yours.

About Esalaah Mr. Beat Box Man.

He has been beatboxing his heart out for a over 20 years and has become one of the best in the business. His real name is Elijah Salaah and he hails from Kansas City, Missouri and recently moved overseas to Germany. He regularly joins Beatbox festivals and impresses the crowd with his voice maneuvers. He is also a VO actor, rapper, and sound effects guru that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the human voice.

Blessed with an extremely versatile and well trained voice which is capable of producing a plethora of amazing voices, accents, impersonations, and sounds, he also writes and perform custom raps, beat boxes, voice, or sound effects for TV and radio commercials, movies, video games, and audiobooks. He is fluent in both Arabic and German languages, and can do Jamaican and many other accents as well.

He has been beatboxing since he was a child, for a little over 25 years and can do many things as a beat boxer than nobody can replicate due to its complexity and his unique style. He developed and old school Hip-Hop style/flavor, and a master in weaving beautiful melodies with beats called “Beat Rhyming”. As well as having excellent beat boxing skills, he can also impersonate virtually any rapper. All of this he can do in under 2 hours!

Esalaah is a unique treat to anyone who receives a greeting from him! He has the ability to awe and surprise, which would make any performance by him a memorable experience! Esalaah loves creating customized beats for people, with his favorite audience being kids!

If you wanna announce a holiday or any surprise to your kids, Esalaah is your man! Got a Disney lover in your family? He does a splendid Mickey Mouse voice that you’ve think he was doing the voice of Mickey all this long!

When he’s not busy making people happy via his recordings, he makes them happy in another way; by repairing and jail-breaking iphones and of course, making his own kid happy. He would love to be of service.

If you wanna reach him, you may do so using the links below: