Drevon Crooks – Mini-T “BIg Man with a Big Heart”

It was hard to catch up with Drevon Cooks, aka “mini T” and night time is his prime time for street busking in downtown Las Vegas.

The video below is what you can expect when mini T makes a birthday greeting for you.

Drevon  or “Mini T” Cooks, is a comic both in work and real life. Having an uncanny resemblance to the A-team’s “Mr. T”, people mistake them as being brothers! Drevon stands 4’3” tall and is equipped with a big heart. His friends regard him as someone sensitive and with a big big heart, which were born out of his struggles and life experiences.

More About Drevon

Drevon is originally from Los Angeles, California and currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He went to Central High School of Needle Trades and college at The City College of New York. He considers Tupac as his brother and has also appeared in the series “Californication.” Despite that, Drevon is not the type to chase fame. He never did and he never will. He believes in hard work taking you places and not selling out.

Drevon is a man with big dreams, he continues to work tirelessly to make his dreams a reality. He has been in movies, TV, music videos, almost every gig you can think of. He is also a talented beat boxer and break dancer. He doesn’t believe in excuses for not manifesting the reality that you want.

Big-Hearted Drevon

Seeing Drevon just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Such is his effect on people because he acts and talks from his heart. He sees everyone as his brothers and sisters. People are drawn to him and he loves being around people. He is easy to get along with and you can almost instantly connect with him the first time you meet him. It is impossible to miss him in a crowd, as he definitely stands out in a sea of people!

He loves his mom and grandma so much and is loyal to his friends. None of them would describe him as just your “average” guy. His personal motto? “Stay sharp. Stay Real. Lead the way for others. Don’t let the haters intervene. Do not let the devil win.”  Drevon is careful with how he lives his life on earth, wanting to be remembered as a good God-fearing person who never gave up the good fight.

Drevon Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drevon.cooks1

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2098017/