Drew Lepkowski – Professional Pee Wee Herman Impersonator

I saw Drew working the late morning-afternoon street crowd for a couple of weeks while I was on the grind on Fremont Street. He has the look, the antics.. and the bike, which is why is one of the world’s best Pee Wee Herman lookalike. When I get back to Las Vegas, I plan on helping him upgrade his bike since, in his opinion, needs it. I always try to do what I can for the street performers that I connect with. I do that as a way to pay it forward and hopefully gain their respect and friendship. I found to be an all around hard working gentleman and cool dude.

Pee Wee Herman was one of the most beloved characters in the 80s. From his signature nerdy appearance to his zany antics, Herman’s nonstop hilarity brought many a smile to children and adults alike. So popular was Herman that he got his own Saturday morning show, along with cartoons and even breakfast cereal. While Herman is fondly remembered for his witty jokes and observations, he also paved the way for “nerdy” comedy to soar in global popularity. As a true icon and legend of the 80s, he even had a rap song by Joe Ski Love — which showcased the famous Pee Wee Herman dance.

About Drew Lepowski

Drew Lepkowski is the best Pee Wee Herman impersonator and impressionist in the industry today. In fact, he has an uncanny appearance to Herman — and continues to entertain the masses all over Las Vegas. From trade shows and conventions to corporate and social events, Lepowski has truly mastered the art of the famous Pee Wee Herman dance. He also dresses and sounds exactly like Herman, and is sure to make one and all have hours of non-stop fun and enjoyment. The Buffalo, New York, born Lepkowski is also an actor who truly loves performing at parties and events. Whether for 80s retro parties or private functions, his impersonations are spot on and he adds his own touch to a range of characters.

Lepkowski even rides a Pee Wee Herman bicycle, and specializes in personalized birthday greeting videos. Whether for sick family members of children’s parties, he knows how to make everyone smile and have a wonderful time.

Video above is Drew on the Lets’ Ask America show.

Drew also uses the popular Gigeo® Personalized Videos product to create personalized greetings. This amazing video tool is perfect for all impressionists that want to brighten up anyone’s day with laughs and love.

Bookings and Requests

Drew is available for all social and corporate events. In fact, he answers all bookings and requests personally, and is committed to excellence in all services. If you want to enhance your party or function, Drew has the expertise to make everyone laugh and have a great time. As your premier Pee Wee Herman impersonator in Las Vegas, he has performed all over town.

This includes parties and casino events, along with corporate team-building functions and so much more. Drew also used his own unique blend of comedy that will keep you laughing for hours on end. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to book Drew and take your next event to new heights.

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