Watch Liquid Motions’ Paul Trzcianko – Flair Bartender Extraordinaire

It was really awesome watching Paul show off his expertise behind the bar.

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Once called “the man that has more potential than a banker at a brothel, ”Mr. Paul Trzcianko has been making a name for himself in the world of Flair Bartending since 2003! That’s more than a decade! Starting out as a cashier, then moving on to becoming a server, achieving bartending status, then moving on to having his own business where up to this day he showcases his bartending skills at various events!

His originality combined with a smooth style makes for a winning combination. And he does not stop at just bartending. Paul is a showman who has a duty to his customers. He knows the value of hospitality, so he hangs and drinks with his customers as much as he can!

All about Paul

The strapping Russian lad with a head of blonde hair and a wacky sense of humor is originally from Minnesota and he went to Hinckley-Finlayson High School. He has long moved out and is currently living in Las Vegas working at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino AND running Liquid Motion. He is now 34 years old, married to his very supportive long-time girlfriend, and a father to a beautiful girl.

Once decided he could bartend with style, he never looked back. His smooth style, and ability to come up with as many original moves as he can, draws him accolades from the world over. He travels from state to state performing If you wanna catch a glimpse of him in action, go and book yourself a trip to the Quest competition–it’s something which he rarely misses!

If he wasn’t bartending he would still be in the same line of work–teaching bartending. Spoken like a man who has found his true passion. Paul describes himself as honest, hardworking, and dedicated. His goal? To make his customers happy and satisfied. He realizes the opportunities that the industry has presented him and he is deeply grateful.  “I feel that the bar I am working for is a representation of myself.”

Paul and Brian Team Up

So how does Paul do it? People will often wonder. Where does he get it? Well, this coming straight from the master bartender’s mouth, he got his inspiration from fellow bartending flair artist, Brian Zachau whom he first saw in Carnaval Court. He also received training from Brian Zachau, so he did learn from one of the best! And since then, they’ve become great friends and business partners, starting Liquidmotion together. So that’s it, the two masters do gigs together and they ALWAYS slay each and every one of them! You should check them out! They do galas, remote bar services, kick-off events, birthdays, and other celebrations!

Paul and Brian both have big hearts. In one of their events, a fund-raising activity to help a friend with his hospital bills, they raised about $4,000. Heartwarming, yes. And only natural for them.


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via Linkedin – I am an extremely honest, hard working, dedicated person. I pride myself on my customer service.I have been bartending for the past 12 years. I have started as a cashier, then server, and finally bartender. I have been around the world working in various bars and nightclubs. I have been hired to bartend some very high profile events such as the James Bond Quantum of Solace release party in New York City and I was also the Bacardi Limon Tour Flair Bartender where I was flown to 13 different cities and performed in 39 different Clubs/Lounges. I have seen many concepts and interesting ideas. The opportunities this industry has given me is countless and I look forward to more opportunities.