Francisco Benitez – The Sax Man and My Go-to Music Guy

Francisco is one of the first musicians that I found online that was willing to do personalized birthday greeting videos. His mannerism and talent adds more than a touch of class to unforgettable birthday greetings. He totally supports Gigeo and never hesitates to help when I ask for it. I consider him a distant great friend of mine and ours. This sax man is not just any music guy, he is my go-to music guy! The video above demonstrates what you will get when you send him the name(s) and city to personalize your birthday greeting.

If you have a music lover or a jazz lover in your life, Francisco will know how to tickle their fancy with a classy birthday greeting and accompanying it with the soothing sound of jazz.

About Francisco

For Francisco Benitez, playing the saxophone is like as normal as breathing itself. Not only is he great with his sax, but he is also a professional keyboardist as well! He does original composition, he has a recording studio, and knows everything about music.

It’s not difficult to tell that Francisco’s passion is music. Having completed his studies in the National Conservatory of Music as well as having completed Jazz Workshops and Compositions in the National School of Music in Mexico, do not think this guy is all about the arts. You might be tempted to put him in a box but he also has a degree in Business Administration, so if you get his help, you will surely be getting someone with a good head on his shoulders and of course some business savvy.

Indicavia Music

Francisco Benitez hails from Mexico City and heads the independent record label: Indicavia music production company, where they provide MUSIC PRODUCTION, FILM SCORING, ARRANGING, and KEYBOARDS AND SAX accompaniment, and website design services. They are no rookies, they have been around since 1989.

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