Jamie Honey- Inspiring the world to dream big, take action, live healthy, and have fun!

Gigeo Personalized Videos and Jamie

My very first trip out on the road included meeting talent that I found online that were already producing personalized videos for me. I drove up to Olympia, Washington to meet Jamie and his wife Amy. It was great being around two motivating, enthusiastic and warm people. Jamie has since moved on from his freelancing, but has pulled the bed bug out a couple of times for me since I still have it listed at the website. What a guy!

He told me he genuinely wants people to succeed and that’s why he did them for me. I am really grateful for his help and friendship. Below is the hillarious Birthday Bed Bug.

Jamie is originally from Gold Coast, Queensland where he studied Drama at the Queensland University of Technology but has since moved to Olympia, Washington, where he met and married a beautiful woman named Amy.

One of Jamie’s earlier endeavors was freelancing and making a wide variety of personalized video greetings and entertaining business promos.

And a funny man to boot. Jamie has even taken the stage as a stand up.

A fitness coach. A life coach.

Jamie gets his positivity from years upon years of being overweight and overcoming all. Looking at him now, you would not think he ever had problems with his weight. Jamie is fit, muscular, and strong. Years ago, these were words that people would not associate with him.

You would think Jamie started realizing his potential early on. As late bloomers go, he felt his life was going downhill at 40. He bought into the myth that life ends at 40, and so he let go. At 42, his health was a mess and he was depressed. And here is the magical moment where Jamie thought to turn his life around. He took back control of his life! And at 45, you would not think he is 45. Jamie has the enthusiasm of a teenager! I kid you not!

The experience has changed Jamie’s perspective on life. From being withdrawn and boxed up, he is now the type of person who reaches out. Such is the effect of being able to achieve your goals. What Jamie is into now is helping other people overcome the hurdles in their lives that prevents them from living a happy, satisfied, and fulfilling life, and see the beauty that’s given to them. Whether it’s being overweight, drug addiction, a drinking problem, a toxic relationship or despondent family life, Jamie knows the connection between fitness and the overall quality of life. And Jamie is more than willing to help.

The Honey Dare and the 12 Day Program

The Motivator

Jamie is a public speaker for his cause, the Honey Dare challenge. Where he also created the #HoneyDare to motivate and dare people to dream big and act on their heart’s desires, given that they will move you forward.

He also gives talks about Corporate Wellness. He believes that the health of a company is directly tied to the health of its employees. That is why he created the 12 Day Program where he speaks at your corporation, builds teams, improves communication, and gets people moving and motivated to be healthier. He brings health marketing to your social media all rolled into one awesome, super fun wellness program!

Elite Fitness Zone

He is the owner and a personal trainer at Elite Fitness Zone. Jamie puts entertainment in his training, probably because he used to be an entertainer at the Warner Bros. movie world and a stunt actor and performer at the Universal Studios Japan.

Other Pursuits

Aside from being a fitness coach and a motivator, Jamie has also authored a book with his wife, Amy, called  “Free From Yourself – The Easy Way Out”.

He is an improv coach, assigning one area of his house for his green screen to assist you in training or to just give you the videos that you ask for! That’s Jamie, always with a big smile on his face, wanting to make the world a better place. Jamie wants you to be fearless, and he wants you to live life to the fullest!

At 45, Jamie looks back without any regrets, because he had the chance to take action earlier in his life, and this is what makes him youthful to this day. And pay attention to this: He wants you to know that you have the very same opportunity!

You may reach Jamie through the links below:

Website: http://jamiehoney.com/

Website: TheHoneyDare.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamiehoneyhealth/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFunPro

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiehoney

Email: booking@thehoneydare.com

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