Jesse Puente – Monetizing his BMX Flatlander Skills with Personalized Birthday Greeting Videos

I saw Jesse Puente street performing his flatlander skills on Venice beach and immediately saw the opportunity to make an X Games type of personalized birthday greeting out of it.  When I started to tell Jesse what a Gigeo is and how it can monetize his talent with videos, even before I could explain it in simple detail.. he said, “I got it”, “say no more, I got it”. He was totally onboard. and I couldn’t be happier.  Gigeo now had  it’s first professional onboard and thats going to help pave the way for others to follow. That was a really a breakthrough moment for at least  one segment of the talent gigeo will pursue. .

Jesse has been super cool with helping us promote Gigeo using his flatlander skills and artistry. Jesse is extremely important for getting brand awareness into the BMX world. There will be a day when athletes and extreme professionals will monetize their many hours of practice by doing a personalized shout outs and capture on a mobile device He also hooked me up with Kaleb, an awesome local skateboarder that helped me with a super cool skateboard Gigeo. Check it out below. Gigeo has quite a way to go but is one step closer to disrupting the greeting card market by personalizing and monetizing someone’s talent.

The video above is a finished product… a birthday Gigeo by Jesse Puente

About Jesse Puente

Jesse Puente or JP, is a professional Freestyle BMX biker and a master BMX Flatland rider. Women flock to him like bees to honey and men admire him. He is almost always surrounded by beautiful women while a new bmx generation hopes to capture some of his unique riding skills. And why not, given his impressive record and enthusiasm. Seeing Jesse ride his BMX is seeing a person defy the laws of gravity. You can’t keep your eyes away from it. And that is the magic of Jesse Puente! He stays with you after seeing what he can do. He describes his style as just remaining true to the art or “true school.”

Jesse started riding his BMX when he was 12 and began competing in BMX racing and jumps. Being good in those respects was not enough for Jesse. He wanted to branch out, and branch out to ramps and street he did. And after mastering those, he discovered a more creative avenue in the BMX scene–the Flatland. For Jesse, Flatland is creative, artistic, technical, and innovative–all the things an artistic person who likes to create would want. He was one of the very first people who removed the brakes from their bikes to enjoy freestyling.

Jesse turned Flatland into a career, created Flatland tricks that are still in use today and the rest is history! He is best known for his floating crouching tiger ninja freestyle move, and to this day he is progressive when it comes to his craft, constantly creating new moves.

Jesse currently works at Pegasus BMX and his signature bike is the Equilibrium.

Jesse was born in Oregon but he moved to LA when he was 16. He speaks Spanish along with English. His career takes him to many different countries to ride or compete like France, Japan, and the UK. He has also lived in Berlin back in 2011. When he’s in LA you know where to spot him, on Venice Beach. He also performed at Newport Beach and loves riding at the Santa Monica pier.  He is a friendly guy with so much passion for life. Loves being around people, helping them out and just chilling, just spreading positivity.

“Good things come to those who create”

Jesse also has canine companion named scrappy doo or “scraps” for short, the son of his beloved Lucy, who misses him terribly whenever he’s away, so he always takes him to the beach as much as he can. Him and Scraps have had good times in Santa Barbara, hanging out at the only BMX store there. What else, he loves healthy Japanese food, Mexican food, Thai food, and Italian food, and of course, he also loves good old In-and-Out.

Jesse is the best guy to hang out with when you are having the worst day of your life. Heard terrible news? Jesse has this uncanny ability to make things better. A positive attitude for kids and an exemplary ambassador in life for the rest of us.  Things are not so bad after all with Jesse in your life.


You can reach Jesse through the links below: