Joseph Elberti’s Angry Baby – Behind the Mask, He Is a “No Drama Man”

The video below is the original pilot. When you order yours, Joseph will personalize it with the names and city you choose.

 About Joseph Elberti

Joseph Elberti is a circus arts performer with roots grown out of from Rochester, New York.  He is living and working his busking craft in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he currently calls home. He does circus tricks and is an avid cyr wheel performer, but right now, he is best known for his angry baby performance. Joseph, loves to travel the world and has been to Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, South Africa, and Switzerland.

Joe is a passionate man by nature, and that nature trickles into how he lives his life. He is not one to judge people and doesn’t believe in casting stones. In fact, he finds humans and human nature to be fascinating. When the timing is right, he takes a step back to observe and understand how humans relate to one another. With a preference to intellectual conversations, he won’t shy away from shooting the breeze once in awhile. He celebrates differences, which is why people are naturally drawn to him and welcome him into their circles.

With a love for music, while gravitating towards electronic and dance, Joseph is a regular attendee to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, where he fits right in. He says electroswing is his favorite genre currently, though he listens to a wide variety of music. In his own words, “I usually prefer the happy stuff and Radiohead is my all time favorite band if I had to pick”

Although a semi-introvert, Joseph is open to trying new things and learning languages is just one them. He is athletic, stays in shape and kickboxes. He refuses to be stuck in an office cubicle somewhere, which would be betraying his true nature, so taking on odd jobs is typical. As he drives across the country, Joe isn’t above sleeping in the backseat of his Subaru Forester. In years past, while in his 20’s, he also, wouldn’t shy away from hitchhiking whenever needed. As an easy to get along with guy, it’s not uncommon for Joe to reach out to people who would be willing to take him in. He has a “colorful past” which he regrets nothing of and chalks it all up to being another life experience. This is a man that truly loves to live his life of adventure, and on the edge. He is always moving around and trying something new along the way. He says “travelling around, performing, is a dream of mine- another thing to check off the bucket list”.

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