Michael Zimmonz Santo – Gene Simmons Lookalike and Tribute Artist

Michael Zimmonz Santo, this Gene Simmons Lookalike is your premier God of Thunder impersonator.

Michael Zimmons Santo has an uncanny resemblance to Gene and sounds just like him too!

As a rock and roll musician and aficionado, Mike has awesome guitar-playing skills and vocals. He also mimics Gene to a tee — especially when it comes to his music and on-stage mannerisms. He looks and sounds so much like Simmons that he is often asked for photos and autographs on the street.

As a social media and YouTube sensation, Michael has several online videos paying homage to KISS. Some of his videos even show the time and preparation it takes to be a Gene Simmons lookalike and impersonator.

Gene Simmons Tribute Artists Michael Zimmonz Santo

As one of — if not the best Gene Simmons tribute artist in the world — Mike even performs songs masked or unmasked! Check out the time-lapse video below of him putting on the Gene Simmons face.

Michael is from Brooklyn and currently resides in Massachusetts and when not portraying Gene Simmons, you will find him spending time with family and friends.

As a die-hard Gene Simmons and KISS fan, Michael is truly committed to excellence in all he does. Whether for birthday parties, TV commercials, rock and roll concerts and showcases, or even social media live events — Michael can take any party or function to new heights. With unparalleled talent and legions of loyal fans, you can check out Michael’s videos on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Hire Michael Zimmonz Santo for your KISS-theme party or event and long live rock and roll and the God of Thunder!

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