Mr Marcus Halbig ”The Traveling and Juggling Street Performer” is Drunk Behind His Bar

He goes by Mr Marcus or Mister M, and he is the ultimate artist and a long distance friend that I have never met in person. From the very beginning of my vision for Gigeo, he has always produced high quality videos for me, promo videos or birthday greetings. I have found him to be a very down to earth person that truly wants others to succeed and enjoy life. The video above is a birthday greeting that the receiver will never forget. All he needs is the name(s) and city and Marcus Halbig will do the rest.

Coming from small beginnings, he eventually learned for himself the most important thing in his life: to entertain people and travel from city to city is the most wonderful thing!

You may wonder what sparked this interest to entertain? Well, he was inspired by seeing a balloon Dreher, who fascinated him with his stories and lifestyle. This fascination put Marcus on the path of juggling balls, scarves, and diabolos.

To Marcus, juggling is not only entertainment but also a way to exercise and relieve stress and avoid burnout. He believes it is something that everyone can take up as a means to inspire creativity and improve their lives.

The Talent

Marcus started practicing using a book and about 500 balloons. Soon after, he was on his first gig in Germany’s streets entertaining people and earning more than a hundred marks on a single weekend! He then learned that life is very simple, and fulfilling, and that earning money is easy as long as you are having fun and doing the thing you love.

His formula for earning is simple, the more shows you do, the more comes along. This was especially true in  his experience arriving in Scotland, tank empty, and no money. He performed, and voila, money was back in the hat. Simple. Realizing this truth, he set out travelling the world with no worries about how he would do it, simply because the truth is, he can earn and perform everywhere! He is already able to see and enjoy three quarters of the world just by doing what he does.

If he is to give advice, it is that everyone should juggle for the following reasons:

  • It keeps you fit
  • It is good for the mind and soul
  • It relieves stress
  • And, it is fun!

Marcus’s roots

Marcus hails from Salzburg, Austria. He went to Ramsey High School for his education. Recently passing the EMT exams, he is also now a medic.  He has a heart that likes to help people and he regularly gives to charity and schools whatever he has left of his juggling props.

Reasonably, he loves his parents and sometimes likes to spoil them. He loves his wife. He loves his dog.  He loves the winter season and cannot resist just marveling at the beauty and reality of snow whenever it’s  in sight.

Marcus goes back to Europe from time to time to visit family and of course, professionally, to perform. Whenever he can, he kite surfs, skis, kicks back and enjoys the good life. He has a democratic mind, very welcoming and open and not one to build walls and part ways.

Marcus is also not one to worry since he knows everything will work out. For him, there are three essential ingredients to a happy life. Everyone needs something to do, something to love, and something to be desired. Then you will be satisfied and find the meaning in life.

Marcus Spreading the Word

Marcus has much love and respect for his fellow artists and their craft. He is not one to compete and tear someone down just to build himself up.

So to share his talent, he teaches juggling to people who want to learn via a 45 minute workshop or his 2 DVDs. He also also sells his juggling products on Amazon, you know, if you want the items that the pro uses. And he also launched an App called “Juggling with Mister M” and wrote a book entitled “Welcome to my Show – Lebe deinen Traum”. You can get his Diablo Set by clicking here.

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