Noah Royak – Jouster, Stilt-Walker, Juggler and Fire Spitter

I met Noah while I was living in southern Florida. He was doing his fire spitting act amongst other show stoppers at a monthly street fair event held downtown Fort Myers. We have been distant friends ever since. He is one of the hardest working performers I know as I watch him (through Facebook) travel the country and most recently Dubai. He is an all around great entertainer and I am happy to have his fire spitting action photo on my Gigeo van that I now live in. We made the personalized birthday greeting above while in his hometown near Tampa, FL

About Noah

Noah Royak is the frontman of The Nerdy Noah Show. He is a juggler, mime, stilt-walker, basically an all-around entertainer. In his signature suspenders, he does tricks on bikes, pogo sticks, stilts, with balloons, and he also jousts to entertain. Entertaining people is second nature to Noah. He is an outstanding performer who excites crowds of all ages. He believes that’s what he’s on Earth for; to make people laugh, smile, and forget problems even if just in the moment.

Noah is from Tampa, Florida. He went to Pinellas Park High School and Saint Petersburg College. He loves camels, and identifies with their nature. Sweet beings who like to cater to people. You can find Noah catching movies at the theatre when he wants some entertainment for himself.

He loves the Lord of the Rings, Elmo and has played a few of the characters in some gigs of his. To bring his entertainment to a whole new level, he looks up to David Blaine for his accomplishments and feats, looking to someday master what David Blaine has mastered for himself. His favorite season is winter, for reasons of magical wonder.

Noah has the kindest eyes you could ever come across. It’s true, he has been described to smile with his eyes. You will see Noah in festivals, renaissance fairs, stadiums and arenas playing equestrians, clowns, or cowboys. On his downtime when he’s not chilling at home or at the theatre, he is practicing at the YMCA. But Noah is almost always booked, especially for juggling gigs.

Kids and adults cannot get enough of him! And he loves those kids and adults in the same way! Seeing them smile and appreciate what he does is why Noah does what he does and does it so well. Whatever Noah’s persona for the day may be, in the end, he is just a kind guy trying to make people happy with everything that he has to offer. Whether he is juggling, breathing fire, or walking on stilts, the audience always watches in awe. He is an amazing, unassuming young man, who would add much to any entertainment venue.

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