Nuno Monteiro – “Rock-n-Roll Guitar Star”

I saw a happy birthday riff on youtube done by a guitar instructor and thought it was very cool. When I contacted that instructor to ask if he would do it coupled with a personalized shoutout, I was rejected. The rejection made me set out to find another rocker online and the rejection paid off because I found Nuno Monteiro, who not only produces awesome personalized birthday rockn guitar shoutouts, but I found another great friend online. From the beginning, Nuno has gone far and beyond to help with the Gigeo vision. He “gets it”.


If you meet Nuno Monteiro, you will be hit by his sincere stare. He probably has the most earnest look you could find in any guitarist. This is probably because Nuno has a heart full of gratitude. He is very careful with complaining about anything in his life no matter what situation he finds himself in, because he knows there are other worse situations out there. Nuno is also careful with how he spends money. He rarely spends on wants and focuses on needs.

Nuno looks up to people who have advocacies, who are kind to their fellow men, and who have deep respect for humanity, he is having none of those rich bachelor types who treat the Earth as a playground. If Nuno could have it his way, he would change the world with his music–one riff at a time. Slowly but surely. Nuno is bringing is music to some parts of Asia like South Korea and Japan.

Nuno is has been traveling the world as he works as guitarist at Princess Cruises and also played at Cop de Rock and Mamma Mia Musicals.

Nuno’s Great Teachers and Music Schools

Nuno is a rock and roll guitar player who understood from early on the importance of identifying and seriously honing his talents. He started playing guitar at age 13 and was fortunate enough to get instruction from the best Spain has to offer. He found a home at L’Aula de Musica Moderna y Jazz in Barcelona and at Conservatori Superior de Musica del Liceu. He studied electric guitar and flamenco guitar. And later feeling that it was not enough, he went on to study in an international network program at the Berklee College of Music.

He was able to hone his craft by studying under the tutelage of great musicians like Jordi Bonell, Horacio Fumero, Paco Salas, Marcelo Valente, and Tolo Grimaldi. His music range is very high, being able to perform Rock, Fusion, Jazz, Swing Orchestra, Flamenco, and Blues. His most notable performances include shows such as Mamma Mia’s Madrid tour, Solverde Big Band, Porto Rock, and a lot more. Almost every genre and aspect of music inspire him. He does not put limitations on music, if it sounds good, then it’s good, as he once said.

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