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It was my first time on Hollywood blvd and I didn’t know what to expect really. Of the many characters that show up on any given day, Richie was the first talent I approached. On that occasion he was Wonka and after I explained what I was trying to do and the vision I have for personalized greetings by entertainers, he graciously helped me with the Wonka birthday greeting video above. I have been a fan of his ever since. He is very committed to the characters he takes on, including a great Freddie Mercury impersonation which I have yet to see in person.

The 2nd time he was Dr. Frank N. Furter. Check out  the birthday Gigeo we made below.

About Richie Lillard

Be it cabaret, a children’s party or an appearance on a TV show, most of us will readily agree that the makings of a great theatrical performance stars a performer who has a combination of wit, charm, skill, and impeccable choreography or production, all combining to make one heck of a show.


This is exactly what performer Richie Lillard possess. A quality performer, barring none, Lillard has mastered a range of performance skills including improvisation, magic, dancing, voice over, hosting, singing, and comedy. Even more are the non-performance skills (like his athleticism) and the little nuances (like his ability to accurately communicate using a whopping 9 accents) which add  more characteristics to his already thrilling performances.

More About the Man Behind the Actor’s Song and Dance

Richie Lillard, the actor, designer, and artist, we know today grew up in Joplin Missouri where he attended the Vatterott School of Hair Design.


Mozart baroque costume by Richie Lillard. His inspiration for this photo session was Louis XVI and the palace of Versailles.

While growing up in Missouri, Richie developed his love for history, dance, and all things arts and culture. He also developed a deep interest in religion and theology, although not religious himself. Perhaps it was this interest that inspired his personal philosophy – ‘do what thou wilt,’ – and the subsequent spreading of his wings as he worked within a number of job categories including acting, writing, costumes, casting, and production since moving to Vegas,  San Francisco and Los Angeles where he works and spends most of his time.

Everyone Agrees: Richie Lillard is Perfect for Your Event

The greatest Willy Wonka impersonator in the United States. Available for parties, conventions, publicity events. Approved by Johnny Depp himself, Tim Burton gave an additional approval. Both of whom are approved through Warner Brothers, Nestle/ Wonka, & The Dahl estate. Offers competitive rates. Reliable, professional and perfect for your Hollywood, Candy, Wonka themed party or event.

Just a few of the many raving reviews:
Michelle G.
AMAzing performance and costume!
Your professional appearance and attitude was most appreciated on set of the video “Moon is Shining in your Eyes” Your performance grew rave reviews and questions.. Who is that guy? I said ” That guy is Ritchie Lillard”!!! Thank you and I wish you continued success in your career endeavors. Michelle Galletto

by Mike K.
Excellent! This guy IS Willy Wonka!
I hired “Willy Wonka” for my kids birthday party and this guy was great. He interacted very well with both the adults and the kids and had funny material for any question/comment. He was also kind enough to stay for pictures with all the kids that wanted a photo. I hope to hire him again soon!

by Kerith A.
A++++ Performer! Professional, witty, and very charming.
Richie stole the show and drove a record amount of people to our booth at a convention of over 14,000 people. He impressed everyone with his witty comebacks and hilarious conversations with guests. He plays Wonka like nobody I have ever seen before. I would more than love to work with him again in the future. He engaged with visitors, maintained his professionalism and stayed in character the entire time. Go for it, you will be impressed.

As a professional performer, Richie Lillard offers up theatrical experiences for just about every type of event and client.


Over the years, he has successfully worked in a number of capacities, including:

– As a host with business clients who wanted to attracted to attract more clients to their booth at a packed convention

– A spot-on Willy Wonka impersonator for children birthday parties

– A Charlie Chaplin on Fox network’s hit TV series Arrested Development, King Louis XV on America’s Next Top Model, ABC’s Modern Family Halloween as King Louis party guest, and Victor Hirtzler on History Channels’ Hotel Confidential


With each event, Lillard’s appearances and performances are met with rave reviews. Don’t just take everyone else’s word for it, however. You too can hire Richie Lillard for your event or theatric production and watch your business attract more customers and sales, your children scream with joy at having the best birthday party of the year, or your friends tell you about the best cabaret show in town!

To book an appearance, contact Richie Lillard at telephone number 415-326-3186 or email address

Twitter: @richielillard





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