Robert Nash – Robert De Niro Impersonator Second to None

Weekend mornings until early after noon, while I was on my own morning grind, I would watch Robert Nash entertain the foot traffic on Fremont Street. After I got to know him, I found it entertaining to just watch him work from what I thought was a safe distance.. as to keep from looking like a stalker.. so I thought anyway.. then he turned on his De Niro and with a raised voice I hear him say.. “yeah I see you over there anthony. You think I don’t notice? Why you always busting my balls”. That really made me laugh.

Like many of the elite lookalikes you’ll find in this blog, I can say he is one of my favorite actors and people. I really wanted to him to “get it” when I told him what Gigeo is and my vision for it. I didn’t have to say much because he got it right away. The video above is the pilot we made for the site. When I showed the finished product, I can’t tell you how happy I felt when he told me, “you did a really great job Anthony,..very professional, very nice”.

Robert De Niro is one of the most accomplished and acclaimed actors of all time. From “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas” to “Midnight Run”, De Niro is known for his impeccable acting and has won a slate of awards over the years. From “Cape Fear” to “Meet the Parents”, De Niro is also synonymous with method acting, realism and comedic antics and wittiness like no other.

He has worked with some of the greatest directors and actors in history, including Scorsese, Pacino and DiCaprio. With legions of loyal and global fans, De Niro is also a great director and is known for countless movies and films.

Meet Robert Nash

You Talkin’ to Me? This is one of the most famous lines and catchphrases in cinematic history. And outside of De Niro — the only one that can say this line perfectly is Robert Nash! Nash is considered the best Robert De Niro impersonator and impressionist on the planet. In fact, his looks — voice — expressions and body language are exactly like De Niro’s! This includes his overall demeanor, which will truly make your head spin.

From hosting and emceeing corporate team-building events to anniversaries, birthdays, and all social events — Robert “De Niro” Nash is available for one and all functions. Countless people have come up to Nash – thinking he was the real Robert De Niro as well.

Robert Nash and Jack Bullard commercial for WinnaVegas Casino

“The De Niro Guy” is known throughout Hollywood and has made appearances on the following shows:

  • America’s Got Talent
  • The History Channel — Counting Cars
  • Ambassador of the Las Vegas Mob Experience
  • And much more.

Robert Nash has the look, appeal, and skills to emulate De Niro to a tee. In fact, he has been approached by many directors and producers over the years about stunt roles for De Niro. Nash truly brings one of the most iconic actor’s to life right in front of your eyes! With his uncanny resemblance, facial expressions and silk suits — you’d think you were right in the middle of De Niro’s newest mob flick!

Robert Nash as Emcee at the Cavalcade of Stars Live Tribute Show. Video Below

Robert Nash with the real Robert De Niro

Robert Nash — Simply the Greatest De Niro Impersonator Ever

So popular is Robert Nash that even one of the world’s greatest impressionists, Rich Little, says “Robert Nash does a Great impression of De Niro!” It’s testimonials like these that have propelled Robert “De Niro” Nash to new heights across Las Vegas, Hollywood and the global entertainment scene as a whole. Like other impersonators, however, Nash does have a busy schedule — so it’s best to contact him ASAP to book his amazing services. Again, Nash is available for all types of events and shows, including:

  • Birthday parties, anniversaries, surprise parties, and all social — corporate events and functions.
  • TV commercials, films, movies, documentaries, docu-dramas, online ads, and much more.
  • Corporate team-building events, open mic — comedy shows, concerts, or any function that requires a De Niro impersonator.

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