Making a Gigeo® Personalized Birthday Greeting with Michael Jackson Tribute Artist – Sam Jackson Peiris

When you order a Michael Jackson personalized birthday greeting you will get a birthday greeting like the one below. Yours will be personalized with the names and city you send Sam Jackson Peiris, the Michael Jackson tribute artist.

Founder with Michael Jackson tribute artist – Sam Jackson Peiris in Las Vegas making the first Gigeo® Personalized Video birthday greeting for the website

A Tupac lookalike was right in the mix of things.

Sam Jackson Peiris – Michael Jackson’s Spirit Lives On

Sam “Michael Jackson” Peiris or Sam Pei is not just your regular run-of-the-mill Michael Jackson impersonator. He finds that he shares a lot of similarities with the King of Pop himself, that’s why he has become so popular.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sam has been performing almost all of the late King of Pop’s moves to the letter. He is amazing in emulating the King of Pop…his moves, mannerisms, stage presence, and the spirit of Michael Jackson, by studying him for more than a decade. When booked for a performance, his request is good lighting, to make sure the audience gets what they ask for–Michael Jackson in his astounding glory and flawless performance.

Sam’s service to Michael Jackson is not just through impersonating him. He was also a staunch supporter of Michael Jackson when he was still alive and dogged with controversy. Calling on people to give Michael the support he needs at this trying time. To this very day, Sam calls on people to recognize Michael Jackson’s good work in this world.

Sam lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his loving wife Joy, their two beautiful children and a loyal dog named Blanket. Sam is one peace-loving guy. He does not believe in racism because for him, we really belong to one human race. He does not like to engage in political debates, for it doesn’t really matter in the end. He also does not believe in competing with one another in this world. He believes in competing with oneself and respecting what each person does on this Earth just to get by. That is why Sam believes it won’t hurt to be kind to one another and be supportive and lift each other up. Just as how Michael Jackson would have wanted his legacy: inspiring and uplifting. Sam is just as good hearted as Michael was.

Sam has been featured in Las Vegas Weekly and he has performed overseas in Europe, UK, and Thailand. He has also performed in front of Michael Jackson’s father, earning his praise. His influences are James Brown, Jeffrey Daniels, Sammy Davis jr, Charlie Chaplin, and Fred Astaire.

Sam will leave you mesmerized, dazzled, and in awe–things that he works damn hard for and you paid for. He performs for weddings, private parties, conventions, promoting, b-day parties, meets and greets, and Quinceañeras. For sure Michael Jackson himself is proud of such an awesome performer he has inspired in Sam.

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