Simon Simonovski – The Man Behind Beyond Parkour

In 2009 Simon Simonovski joined the Beyond Parkour team in Macedonia and with his commitment and passion for the sport, he has morphed into a team leader. It was the very first parkour team in Macedonia and composed of young guys who live and breathe parkour.

Their passion is parkour and freerunning around the country, to practice and improve their parkour skills.

Their goal is to spread awareness of parkour and to allow people who do parkour to connect with each other. They share experiences through videos and pictures and being featured in newspapers all over Macedonia certainly helps their cause.

Simon and his Macedonian team have accumulated a lot of fans over the years. This is because parkour is increasing in its popularity and Simon willingly caters and serves as an inspiration to those who want to learn parkour, to improve their skills, or simply connecting with other people who do parkour. Simon is most often dressed in an all-black outfit, and his team follows suit. They may look intimidating but the Beyond team is not out to wreak havoc or cause an unpleasant scene.

To know Simon is to know he is not just about his parkour skills. He is a naturally funny guy and is very sociable and friendly. He likes to impress and teach others. Simon’s reason for starting something like Beyond Parkour is very telling of the kind of person he is.

By creating something that stems from his passion, he is calling for belongingness and accessibility in the world of parkour and freerunning. Simon wants people to respect the amazing discipline that is parkour.

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