Vince Conaway – Hammered Dulcimer Musician and Composer

During my first Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo, NY, which was really somewhat of a recognizance mission, I stumbled upon a very classy musician named Vince Conaway, “Vincenco”, I like to call him. You couldn’t walk by without feeling the soothing and captivating sounds coming from his hammered dulcimer instrument he was playing. It’s a unique sound that only that instrument can produce by someone with many years of practice. I learned about the hammered dulcimer while in the French Quarter in New Orleans a couple years earlier, so I appreciated and gravitated toward that unique sound immediately. Vince was graciously willing to create a personalized birthday greeting video for me and with no monetary strings attached, no pun intended. I returned the gesture with a generous tip and bought one of his CD’s that had many of his own compositions on it. I listen to it when I need to unplug and unwind from the daily entrepreneur grind.

Vince Conaway — Musician and Composer

Vince Conaway is a professional musician and composer. With loyal fans across the globe, Vince specializes in a variety of music on the hammered dulcimer. This stringed instrument is played by striking the chords with little hammers. It was invented in the Middle Ages and remains a popular folk-music instrument today.

Vince has performed all over the Americas and Europe — with music from Celtic, medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. He also performs music and songs in English, Spanish and Italian. As a seasoned and popular musician, Vince truly brings cultural and historical perspectives with every performance. He also loves to make the audience part of the show –with his signature interactive performances and recitals.

Musician Extraordinaire:

Vince strongly believes that music is always a collaboration of different styles and genres. He also relies on the fans to elevate his performances through their expressions, questions and reactions. With this mind, Vince can truly enhance your next corporate — business — or social event. His music is also showcased on YouTube, as well as other the social media platforms and networks. You can purchase Vince’s music at iTunes, Spotify, and

Below is a video of Vince performing a beautiful melody off of his album, Dulce Melos:

As a professional hammered dulcimer player, Vince continues to perform and dazzle fans throughout the world. He also loves to compose new and innovative music that truly captivates and engages audiences. With his “neo-medieval” music style, Vince combined Celtic, Early Music, and modern music into his unique repertoires. From art galleries and renaissance fairs to street performances and coffee houses –Vince has performed at countless venues and is known for his soulful soothing ballads and melodies.

Vince’s Passion:

Vince wants you to enjoy his musical and life journeys by simply interacting with him at his media pages. You can book Vince for all types of musical events, concerts, social gatherings, and business functions as well. He is truly a gifted musician that captures the allure and essence of Celtic and Renaissance music.  If you are planning a charity event or need some fresh and engaging music for your next live show — Vince will truly achieve all your desired results.

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